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How can you identify, protect, and expand the services that truly prepare students for life on campus and after graduation? We can help you tackle your most pressing challenges in student wellness, career readiness, and more.

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Equipping student affairs officers with the research, resources and strategies to navigate a range of challenges associated with campus climate, metal health, diversity, student performance, and more.
  • 10+ years working with senior student affairs officers and divisions
  • Serving 195+ student affairs leaders and their teams
“I continue to place high value from the exceptional work from EAB and [its] impact on our work. The annual EAB Student Affairs National Meeting is a MUST.” – Vice President for Student Affairs, Canadian Public University

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4 ways to engage student activists

Learn how to provide targeted guidance to students as they explore advocacy.
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The impact of COVID-19 has forced many colleges and universities to recreate orientation in a virtual format and decide how to use an important component of successful orientations: student orientation leaders. This insight outlines strategies to empower your orientation leaders to build community and engagement for incoming students in the new remote environment.

Restrictions on travel and large gatherings has led to institutions making seismic changes to orientation programming. Student affairs and enrollment leaders can use these resources as a guide through the transition to virtual orientation, and access best practices from peer institutions.

Controversial speakers and events are common flashpoints on campus. Manage the institutional response to these events with this tool, which provides a formal mechanism to promote coordinated, early planning.

Clinical time is an extremely valuable resource, so students and institutions will be well-served to ensure that time is used most efficiently. View this Roadmap for strategies on how to maximize counseling center operations and efficiency.


About the Collaborative With the 2020 U.S. presidential election around the corner, institution leaders can expect increased student activism and campus unrest. If 2016 is any guide, college campuses will experience an influx of controversial speakers, third party-actors encouraging activism, and challenges to free speech. Is your campus ready for these challenges? The latest wave […]

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