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Student Success Management

In today’s environment, schools must go beyond first-year retention to help students graduate in less time, at lower cost, and with the best possible post-graduate outcomes. We can help you connect the dots to support students from enrollment to graduation and beyond.

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Higher education’s leading student success management system
  • 2-12% typical retention improvement
  • 9.5 million students served
Learn how the University of South Carolina achieved a 3.9% percentage point increase in four-year graduation rate with Navigate


Scale your student success efforts
  • Remove complicated redundancies and barriers to modernize campuses proactively
  • Just-in-time intervention and cohort management throughout the student journey
See how 25 college and university partners improved student success with Starfish

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American higher education has enjoyed a multidecade-long enrollment expansion that may soon come to an end. The recommendations in this report aim to help you and your leadership team reshape your student success strategy in preparation for the anticipated enrollment downturn of the 2020s.

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Supporting students in today’s changing environment can sometimes feel like an overwhelming challenge for those accountable for student success. To help our partners navigate this shifting terrain, we’ve cataloged more than 360 best practices from across our research forums.

Experts discuss the evolution of student success management software and share the features today’s systems must possess to be considered state-of-the-art.

This summer, my friends at the enrollment research team surveyed over 20,000 high school students to gather insight into recruiting Gen P. The results give us visibility into what institutions must do to both enroll and retain these students. Read on for five key insights and recommendations for ensuring Gen P’s success in higher education.

All my attention over the last two years has been spent studying the future of students and student success as we emerge from the pandemic. Notably, I am monitoring three macro trends that will converge in the mid-2020s and reshape the student success landscape. Our future will be written in large part based on how institutions respond to these challenges.

Infographic What happens to 100 students who start a bachelor’s degree? In 2018, we used a representative 100 students to illustrate how colleges and universities across the country were delivering on the promises of higher education. Five years later, what has changed? Explore this infographic to find out. View a full list of sources below. […]



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