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Amidst budgetary pressures and shifting donor preferences, community colleges must adopt innovative fundraising strategies that capture prospects' attention and inspire them to give. We help you develop and implement peer-tested strategies that maximize philanthropic giving and support institutional goals.

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“People are still talking about the session. Thank you for inspiring some of the important work of this spring semester.” – President, Manchester Community College

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Demand for fundraisers has exceeded pre-recession levels as higher education institutions rely on major gifts to replace other sources of revenue. This environment has created a seller’s market in which highly qualified gift officers can choose employment opportunities. Unfortunately, they often overlook community colleges. There are many places colleges can look for fundraisers—but both internal…

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An increasing number of community college leaders are turning to philanthropy to counteract unprecedented budgetary pressures that stem from state funding cuts and declining enrollments. But compared to their four-year counterparts, community college development staff must cultivate donors from a more diverse and disconnected alumni population. This white paper examines how to successfully launch and…

With Thanksgiving around the corner, the pressure is on for advancement shops to meet huge goals for Giving Tuesday. However, as alumni are bombarded with more digital solicitations than ever before, it’s becoming harder to cut through the noise. Instead of falling into the pile of ignored solicitations, one Advancement Forum member increased their Giving…

Community colleges receive a favorable report card from the larger public, but only 11% of presidents strongly agree that their institution will be financially stable over the next decade. As presidents and their cabinets ramp up planning and budgeting conversations for the coming year, they’re searching for ways to keep their institutions viable in the…



About the Webconference In today’s challenging fiscal environment, philanthropy is one of the most important- and most promising- revenue streams. Community colleges continue to face increased pressure on operational revenue streams due to decreases in state appropriations and student enrollments. This session identifies top ways to source major gift officer talent in community college fundraising…

About the Webconference To remain successful, community colleges must be able to read the landscape, make predictions about the future, and respond quickly to market shifts. However, these involve flexing strategic muscles that are new to many higher ed leaders. In this webconference, we’ll present findings from our brand new research on strategic mindsets and…

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