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Community college leaders walk a tightrope of financial and organizational challenges, with student success and institutional stability hanging in the balance. We have the research and resources to help you scale best practices and adapt to change.

EAB specializes in operations and strategy

Faculty Engagement

  • 5 research experts on staff with 20+ years of combined experience in community college workforce development
  • 100% of community college teams agree/strongly agree that EAB’s Community College Executive Forum improves the quality of their strategic decisions

Financial and Strategic Planning

  • 100+ insights, diagnostics, toolkits, studies and more to help community colleges solve their most pressing financial sustainability questions
  • Serving community college presidents and their cabinets for 7+ years
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"EAB has enabled me to access data I need to drive productive decision-making processes on my campus."

Clea Andreadis, Associate Provost, Bunker Hill Community College



“With Guided Pathways reforms, you need to realize that you’re trying to reverse about 50 years of practice, ideas, and expectations, not to mention daily habit and work. This is a seismic shift in culture.”-CC President Change does not always come quickly or easily for community colleges. But as a president shared with us, Guided…

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Strategic planning is essential for progress, but often nearly impossible to give adequate time to do effectively. In fact, when the Community College Executive Forum interviews member presidents and VPs, we often hear that strategic planning is dictated by accreditor demands and a “check the box” activity for many campuses. When we dig deeper, we…

Students today are used to getting marketing messages from all angles—they’ve also become more distrustful and discerning than ever. In this environment, community colleges struggle to connect their marketing messaging to the diverse goals of high school students, and in turn, lose out on much needed enrollments. This infographic provides six strategies that you can…

The creation of a three- to five-year strategic plan is an important, yet complex activity for community college leaders. A strong strategic plan sets college priorities and aligns stakeholders, faculty, and staff to institutional goals. While strategic planning is critically important, it is too often a drawn-out process that loses impact and energy over time.…



About the Webconference The public perceives community colleges to be the best value in higher education, but concern about the financial and enrollment outlook still tops presidential agendas. Meanwhile, students increasingly come from underserved populations and public funding continues to decline. With a shrinking market and a growing at-risk student population, colleges must adapt to…

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