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Students enrolled in developmental courses are more likely to both pay more for their education and leave school. We provide strategies to deliver developmental courses that support –rather than impede–students’ progress towards a degree.

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As pressures mount to improve student outcomes in developmental education, colleges and universities turn to technology to boost student success, write Markeisha Grant, Rebecca Natow, and Vikash Reddy for EdSurge. But despite their reputation as the most tech-savvy generation, today’s students have trouble adopting new technology in developmental education, finds a report by the Center for the Analysis…

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Sixty percent of community college entrants test into developmental courses, and only a small fraction of these students ever progress to college-level courses. As public scrutiny rises and annual budgets dwindle, college leadership must double-down on efforts to improve their developmental programs. This white paper offers strategies to accelerate student success in developmental English while…

With a recent surge of foundation grants for math redesign efforts, there’s never been a better time to invest in reengineering developmental math. The first step is to pinpoint the areas in need of redesign. We’ve identified ineffective classroom pedagogy, mismatched curriculum, and imprecise placement practice as the three primary reasons for student attrition. Download…

Two out of three remedial students don’t earn a degree. Rather than serving as a launching pad for academic success, remedial courses often become a stumbling block for the students who take them, writes Jill Barshay for the Hechinger Report. As higher ed leaders faces growing pressure to reform developmental ed and boost student outcomes, community…

Once a low-profile college offering, developmental education has been forced into the public spotlight by the completion agenda, earning names such as the “Bridge to Nowhere” and the “Bermuda Triangle of Higher Education.” College leaders agree that these gloomy labels hold some truth: over half of community college entrants test into pre-college coursework and only…



About the Webconference This summer, we surveyed 1,600+ college administrators and faculty to measure their progress on Guided Pathways implementation. Join this webconference to hear about sector-wide trends, opportunities for investment, and what your peers identified as the biggest pain points. We’ll also discuss what these results can tell us about the future of Guided…

About the Webconference The public perceives community colleges to be the best value in higher education, but concern about the financial and enrollment outlook still tops presidential agendas. Meanwhile, students increasingly come from underserved populations and public funding continues to decline. With a shrinking market and a growing at-risk student population, colleges must adapt to…

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