EAB Virtual Strategy Forum—Chiefs of Staff

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EAB Virtual Strategy Forum—Chiefs of Staff

Mar 09 - 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM — ET - Virtual - Strategy

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EAB convenes presidents, chancellors, chiefs of staff, and strategy executives in higher education once a quarter to share ‘top of mind’ challenges on campus with a cohort of peers and discuss EAB’s latest strategic research with our experts. Participants help shape and inform the agenda for each session via quick polling, allowing live analysis of institutional practices around enrollment, DEI, faculty engagement, the student experience, and more.


Join our first Virtual Strategy Forums to learn more from EAB experts and peers about emerging approaches to strategy—and prevent your next strategic plan from “sitting on the shelf.”

Sessions are limited to Chiefs of Staff and Strategy Executives reporting to the President. Registration for this session is limited to one attendee per institution.

Join EAB enrollment expert Madeleine Rhyneer to discuss what the latest application, yield, and survey data suggest for the near-term future of undergraduate enrollment. While the short and mid-term prospects for many institutions are concerning as we enter the demographic decline, we will share up-to-the-minute trends and advice about how to address challenges in the market. EAB’s most recent insights from student and parent surveys illuminate how prospects are researching colleges, where they go to get their information, and what matters most to them as they choose where to apply and enroll. We look forward to the questions and conversation that this information will generate!

  • Thursday, March 9, 2023 | 1:00 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. Eastern Time

Past Sessions

This Virtual Strategy Forum focused on moving beyond traditional strategic planning practices to embrace true institutional agility and dial-moving execution—an approach we’ve named “Dynamic Strategy.” 

Most strategic plans fail to meaningfully inflect strategy (making clear choices to achieve discrete goals) nor enmesh planning into every day financial and operational practices on campus in light of the lofty aspirations articulated. 

Dynamic Strategy incorporates rigorous external market scanning, design thinking aimed at the true preferences of students, faculty, staff, donors, and funders, prioritization discipline to narrow goal-setting focus, budgetary support of key initiatives, and ongoing measurement and evaluation around objectives. 

This virtual gathering focused on talent and human capital challenges in higher education. EAB experts will share our analysis of the pandemic’s effect on staffing, productivity, pay, and morale across each division on campus and share lessons learned from leading institutions in recruiting and retaining top talent. Attendees will then participate in a facilitated exercise to identify and refine their institution’s employee-facing value propositions (we must differentiate from our competitors not only to attract students, but to attract faculty and staff as well!).

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