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Evaluating K-12 Policies Under a Racial Equity Lens – Strategies from Jefferson County’s Racial Equity Analysis Protocol

This event has passed.
Discuss how to tackle systemic racism in schools through implementing institutional practices and utilizing culturally responsive education.

Summer 2020 saw the high-profile murders of unarmed Black people in the media, reignited Black Lives Matter protests, and nationwide demands for racial justice. As students return to in-person or virtual instruction, districts will need to decide how they will incorporate lessons learned that will dismantle systemic racism and change the way their students experience their schools.

Join EAB and peer district and school leaders in discussions of how to tackle systemic racism in schools through alternatives to School Resource Officers, implementing a comprehensive equity analysis framework for institutional practices and policies, and utilizing culturally responsive education as a way to teach students the tools they need to promote racially just communities.

Register for an upcoming event on EAB’s Racial Justice Webinar series.