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Decoding the Decline: Understanding Why Fewer Students Choose College, and How to Win them Back

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Year over year, we’ve seen high school graduation rates rise. However, over the course of more than a decade, fewer and fewer of those high school graduates have opted in to higher education. This decision not to pursue higher education, known as non-consumption, is a concern because it could worsen the effects of a declining population.

But there’s more to non-consumption than just a drop in college enrollment. Why are high school students opting out of college? What changes in their thinking and behavior are driving this trend, and what can college leaders do about it? This presentation digs into the reasons behind this worrying trend and suggest ways to tackle the challenges it poses for college enrollment and reputation, including:

  • Widening the net to capture more HS students and driving toward messaging that resonates best with this generation
  • Optimizing admissions activities to enhance efficiency and make time for more high-impact activities
  • Lengthening the recruitment cycle to include non-consumers that weren’t yielded right out of HS

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Vashae Dixon, PhD

Senior Director, Strategic Research

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