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Delivering CTE and Other Hands-On Courses Remotely

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About the Webinar

Speaker: Logan Morris

In our discussions across the month of April, community college leaders cited remote instruction for hands-on courses like CTE and labs as their top concern at this point of the crisis. Some mentioned that accreditors or state regulations prevent them from providing instruction, and others were concerned about the quality of instruction for courses that require equipment and attention from instructors.

In this webinar, we discuss the two possible paths for a course—remote delivery or no remote delivery—including how to determine which path is right for a course, what to do if you’re halting course instruction, and what other institutions are doing to continue instruction for hands-on courses.

You’ll learn how:

  • North Idaho College delivers virtual culinary courses and natural science labs
  • Tennessee community and technical colleges provide nursing clinical simulations
  • Virginia Tech teaches a remote hard science lab
  • Many other institutions recently developed CTE courses, labs, practicums, and partnerships to accommodate social distancing

Finally, we’ll discuss how EAB can help you lead your campus through the coronavirus crisis, including the Community College Executive Forum’s new virtual services to help you strengthen your emergency response capabilities, make market-informed strategy pivots, and develop medium to long-range plans on such topics as fall enrollment.

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