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Why Schools Need Admissions Software for Enrollment

Admission software can streamline an educational institution's admissions system. Find out the many benefits of these automation tools in this handy glossary.

What is an Admission System?

An admissions system is a set of procedures that help facilitate organized student enrollment at a learning institution or school. It determines whether an applicant meets the criteria for admission.

Institutions typically evaluate applicants by assessing their academic records, submission materials, and extracurricular achievements, such as in sports and student body organizations. A prospective student may also be interviewed by an admissions counselor.

Many schools employ admissions software to streamline this process, of enlisting students while maintaining the institution’s academic standards.

What are the Components of an Admission System?

An admission system comprises several key components, often aided by admissions and enrollment management software. These factors include:

  • Collecting Applications: This task involves gathering all necessary documents, forms, and information submitted by prospective students.
  • Sorting and Evaluating: School administrators organize and assess the applications based on the institution’s criteria to determine applicant eligibility for respective programs.
  • Interaction with Applicants: The admissions team establishes an open line of communication with applicants to answer questions and provide information.
  • Notification and Updates: Applicants receive timely notifications and updates regarding the status of their application, additional requirements, or the admissions team’s decision.
  • Eligibility Assessment: Each applicant’s academic records, test scores, and additional materials are reviewed to assess their suitability for the chosen program.
  • Decision Making: Based on the evaluation, the admissions team decides whether to accept, reject, or place the applicant on a waiting list.
  • Enrollment: Once accepted, students go through the enrollment process. They’ll need to register, pay the institution’s fees, and complete an orientation.

In the past, these processes were time-consuming and labor-intensive and sometimes lacked transparency. But with the advent of specialized admissions software, they can be done far more efficiently, fostering a more positive experience for the institutions and the applicants.

What is Admissions Software and How Does it Benefit the Admissions Process

Enrolling hundreds or even thousands of students is a Herculean task for any educational institution, which is why admission software is now so critical to the process. These tools are designed for institutions to automate and streamline the management and tracking of student applications, admissions, and enrollment. Here are their benefits and key features:


  • Efficiency and Streamlining: Admissions and enrollment management software automates various tasks, reducing manual workload and enhancing the overall efficiency of the admissions process.
  • Error Reduction: By automating data entry and processing, the software reduces the risk of human errors.
  • Better User Experience: The software offers a user-friendly interface, making the application process smoother for prospective students.

Key Features

  • Application Tracking: Allows institutions to monitor the status of every application in real-time and give timely responses.
  • Communication Tools: Integrated tools facilitate seamless interaction with applicants, keeping them informed and engaged.
  • Reporting and Analysis: Advanced features generate insightful reports and analyses that help administrators make informed decisions about applicants.

EAB Can Help Improve Your Admissions Process

Streamline your institution’s enrollment process with EAB’s Enroll360. This advanced admissions and enrollment management software provides best-in-class features for every stage of enrollment. From organizing and assessing applications to offering immersive virtual tours, Enroll360 ensures your admissions team has all the necessary tools at their fingertips.

Discover how our Strategic Enrollment Management Plan Framework can transform your admissions strategy. Reach out to us today for more information.