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Strategic enrollment management plan framework

Meet enrollment goals by crafting strategies and prioritizing resources through a comprehensive, future-oriented strategic enrollment management (SEM) plan. Based off EAB’s extensive SEM research, this template guides college leaders through the most critical planning steps.

The Strategic Enrollment Management Plan Framework assists you in developing a holistic understanding of your enrollment environment and ready-to-present strategy that is goal-orientated, actionable, measurable, and aligned with institutional priorities.

The framework provides directions on key steps of the planning process: performance analyses, current and future market assessment, market and strategy prioritization, and a planning timeline. The framework is designed to be used as an active document across the life of the strategic plan.

Colleges looking to create a SEM plan or to make existing plans more actionable and future-focused can use EAB’s SEM Plan Framework to:

Analyze the forces impacting the enrollment landscape

Economists expect the higher ed landscape will change dramatically over the next five to ten years. In order for community colleges to remain solvent, they have to be aware of and strategize specifically for these changes.

Assess potential market segments to determine ROI

As the enrollment environment becomes more competitive, enrollment efforts must become more targeted. To succeed in this climate, assess potential market segments to inform resource prioritization.

Prioritize high ROI opportunities to hit enrollment goals

A one-size fits all plan has failed to create change or adequately serve students. Colleges must have a more targeted approach that incorporates trade-offs and prioritization around the students they recruit and the messages they send into the market.

Download the Framework

Once you’ve completed the framework template, send your Strategic Leader your Implementation Timeline to receive best practices tailored to your institution’s goals.

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