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Enrollment Funnel Definition & Stages

Explore what enrollment funnels are, how they work, and how you can improve your processes by implementing custom strategies. Learn more from EAB here.

Enrollment Funnel Definition: What is the Funnel?

If you need a proper enrollment funnel definition, it is the stages that students progress through when enrolling at a college or university. Think of it as a sequence of events that occur before prospective students make a final decision about which higher education program they want to attend.

The enrollment funnel process starts when a student expresses interest in a particular school. The important thing to remember is that many things have to come together on a student’s path to college before they make a final enrollment decision.

Potential Enrollment Funnel Stages 

There are several enrollment funnel stages you need to be aware of. Let’s walk through them:

1. Prospect Stage

At this stage, a student hasn’t engaged with a school yet. Universities can target selective students through referral programs or direct outreach opportunities.

2. Inquiry Stage

By this point, students have demonstrated their interest in attending a specific university, though they haven’t made up their minds yet. They might request more information, talk with an admissions counselor, or sign up for a campus tour.

3. Applicant Stage

Students have already applied to a university, making it clear that they’ve narrowed down their selections. However, this doesn’t mean that their decision is final.

4. Acceptance Stage

Prospective students have been accepted to a university based on the program’s requirements and the student’s application.

5. Deposit Stage

Students in the deposit stage have made it clear that they intend to attend their selected university by submitting a financial deposit to ensure their spot.

6. Enroll Stage

At the final stage, students have completed the entire onboarding process, including orientation and welcoming events. All that’s left is to register for classes.

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