Top 10 Academic Affairs Issues


Top 10 Academic Affairs Issues

What challenges captured provosts' attention this year?

Each year, EAB asks academic affairs leaders to tell us about the challenges on their campuses. Based on those results, we identify the most pressing issues in order to execute actionable research studies. While provosts are intimately familiar with their own campuses’ issues, they lack confirmation that they have identified all potential threats or that their perceived risks do in fact warrant urgent attention.

This infographic offers an industry-wide perspective on the academic affairs concerns across institutions, even for topics that will not be a focus in the upcoming EAB research cycle.

Use it to:

  • Understand how your own campus’s challenges fit with industry-wide trends
  • Identify looming challenges you may have not yet encountered
  • Validate the need for investments in new projects and major undertakings
Top 10 academic affairs issues infographic

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