Student Behavior Collaborative

Student Behavior Collaborative

We’re Improving Student Behavior, Together

Guided, peer-supported workshops to help district leaders create the conditions for positive student behavior in their schools.

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Seventy-eight percent of over 1100 teachers nationwide identified student behavior as a top concern in the EAB’s Fall 2022 survey on student behavior. The significant increase in disruptive student behavior over the past few years has left educators overwhelmed and parents frustrated. While most school districts are investing in many proven strategies to improve student behavior, they aren’t seeing the promised results and are unsure why.

EAB’s research uncovered the four conditions schools must achieve to create an environment conducive to positive student behavior.  EAB created a diagnostic for any school to measure how they benchmark against these four conditions, and then a step-by-step process to improve the conditions that most need improvement.

About the Collaborative

EAB experts will guide a cohort of district leaders from across the country through the implementation of EAB’s Conditions for Positive Behavior Diagnostic and then the research-backed solutions for improving student behavior.  Participants will be placed in cohorts based on the results of their diagnostic so they can be in community with – and learn from – district leaders working to improve the same condition.


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Successfully address root causes of student behavior through expert-guided workshops

Guided Workshops

Guided workshops with peers working through a research-backed curriculum for improving student behavior.

Strategic Advisors

Dedicated advisors and progress monitoring help you establish best practices and troubleshoot when necessary.

Toolkits & Diagnostics

Exclusive research tools help you quickly get to the root cause of your district’s challenge and bring best practices back to your schools.

"The materials the Collaborative provided are amazing! There is no way we could do all of this on our own. We appreciate our partnership with EAB so much!"

Assistant Superintendent, District Leadership Forum Partner District

How to Participate

Sign up here to save your district and/or school spot to participate in EAB’s inaugural Creating Conditions for Positive Behavior Cohort. Cohort participants will receive early access to EAB’s Conditions for Positive Behavior Diagnostic. This experience will launch in Fall 2023.

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