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How to avoid one of the most common pitfalls when navigating the aftermath of student death

Learn why college and university leaders should prepare for student death by creating and regularly updating a student death protocol.
Strategy Blog

Our LGBTQ students’ lives and wellbeing are at risk—here are 5 things campus leaders can do to help

Colleges and universities, where many young people get their first real taste of independence and experience community, are ideal places to spark this change. In this blog, I’ll outline the…
Student Success Blog
Research Report

The Impacts of Screen Time on K-12 Students

This report presents research findings and recommendations pertaining to the impacts of screen time on K-12 students, both at school and at home.
District Leadership Forum

What colleges need to know about imposter phenomenon and social anxiety

This blog explores how imposter phenomenon and social anxiety are affecting today's college students and shares guidance to provide support.
Student Success Blog

Americans’ trust in higher ed has reached a new low. Here’s how to navigate the ongoing confidence crisis.

Gallup’s most recent poll revealed the majority of Americans do not have a lot of confidence in higher education. Higher ed leaders need to take action towards this confidence crisis…
Strategy Blog

BIT/CARE Team Assessment

Download this interactive assessment to improve the effectiveness of your university's behavioral intervention team/CARE team.
Strategic Advisory Services

How to Encourage Student Help-Seeking Behavior

Guests share tips on how to encourage and support help-seeking behavior by students.

2 programs that facilitate positive mental health conversations among Black men

Learn about two programs that have developed strategies to reduce reliance on overworked counselors and combat the stigma around mental health by promoting positive mental health conversations among Black men.

What the mental health crisis means for student success leaders

The pandemic affected student mental health in ways that could impact retention and student success for years. In this post, we analyze the magnitude of the crisis and share seven…

How 3 colleges and universities are leveraging peer support to better meet mental health demand next year

While the pandemic has accelerated the urgency to enhance mental health support, it has also presented a unique opportunity to meet student needs through peer support programs. Here are how…
Student Success Blog