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Leadership and Professional Development

Even with significant investment, traditional professional development strategies don't always yield impactful results. Our research and insights can help schools strengthen their talent management infrastructure and build a culture of teaching excellence.

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Equipping school leaders with the research, strategies, and tools to address their most pressing challenges including financial sustainability, student wellness, fundraising and alumni engagement, professional development and more.
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Providing superintendents and other leaders with the strategies and data they need to make more informed decisions, effectively implement ideas, and create a high-performing district.
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“It would take a full-time researcher a whole year to pull together the data that EAB can synthesize in 10 days.” – Superintendent

Research & Insights

About this Series Following our 2017 Keeping Faculty on the Leading Edge research, the Independent School Executive Forum is pleased to offer a four-part webconference series across the spring. This series highlights best practices for creating a culture of faculty excellence and growth at independent schools. We have designed these sessions to help you and…

Supporting Teachers Through Demographic Changes

Discover strategies for supporting teachers during periods of demographic change in your district.
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Faculty are often not used to receiving frequent feedback and classroom observers or coaches do not always provide the most detailed, useful feedback. Use the FOCUS feedback method to provide faculty with observations that are quick, clear, and actionable to improve their professional practice. Create a robust coaching program Visit our Coaching Resource Center and…

Summary This research explores competency-based professional development programs for primary and secondary school teachers, with a focus on micro-credential programs. This report discusses both program design and program implementation, with emphases on curriculum selection, participation incentives, and pilot program structures. Key observations from our research 1.  Administrators at profiled districts and educational systems offer both…

In the classroom, it can be hard for instructors to know whether their teaching methods are resonating with students. That’s why bug-in-ear coaching, a technique that allows teachers to receive real-time coaching during a lesson, is gaining popularity in school districts across the United States, writes Madeline Will for Education Week. With bug-in-ear coaching, a…

Instructional coaching is an essential part of an effective professional development structure for teachers. Coaching provides the opportunity for teachers to receive ongoing, targeted feedback about their practice. Use the resources below to create a robust coaching program. Coaching Curriculum Selection Guide Selecting a coaching curriculum best-suited to your school’s context and priorities can be…


About the Webconference The second installment of the series will discuss problems with typical faculty professional development. Administrators at Georgetown Day School will join EAB to provide an in-depth description of their active learning-based professional development model and how it exhibits characteristics of effective professional development. Presenter: John Wachen

About the Webconference An essential part of successful professional development is strong instructional coaching. This session will highlight the benefits of coaching and existing coaching resources available to schools. It will also discuss coaching best practices from our recent research, including how to expand capacity by deputizing coaches and how to implement coaching-focused instructional rounds.…

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