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Match, powered by Concourse
Start your university search with an offer.

Match, powered by Concourse, eliminates burdens for students and counselors.

The traditional admissions process is often lengthy and complex, requiring students to spend months studying for standardized tests, writing essays, and securing recommendation letters.

Through partnerships with college and universities around the world, students can receive nonbinding admission and scholarship offers monthly without submitting a single application.

Match is offered at no cost to students, counselors, and high schools.

A Quantifiable, Global Impact


in scholarship offers


in admission offers


participating high schools worldwide

No Stress

Student profiles are anonymous to universities until they indicate interest in the university.

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No Applications

Universities send real admission offers to students based on their Match profiles.

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No Rejections

Students are only notified of acceptances, creating a more positive experience.

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Only Opportunities

Universities review student profiles and send offers to students every month.

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How Match Works

Students create simple profiles and share their favorite classes, hobbies, dream job, as well as their grades from the past three years of high school. They also list their university preferences, such as whether they want to stay close to home or explore the world, and what they want to study. After students complete their profiles, counselors can review them in less than a minute.

How do I set up my profile and choose my preferences?


As students create their profiles, universities follow a similar process, sharing their programs, academic requirements, and the types of students who are a good fit. We present an anonymized version of students’ profiles to schools, and if a student matches their criteria, universities send them a real offer right on our platform – no application required. If the student likes the offer, they can express interest and open a private chat with an admissions representative.

How do universities find me and send me offers?

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Match is such a great program. It has given a lot of confidence to students who have been doubtful about college. It has been so great to tell those students. ‘Go into your Match account and see all those colleges that have accepted you.


Kathy Rose, Executive Director


I love Match. It gives students a chance to showcase our light to universities all around the world without being rejected but feeling seen and appreciated for the effort we put into our education.


Match Student, Class of 2023


I’ve had a few students lately come by my office and tell me how delighted they were to receive offers… usually from a school they had never considered or heard of before, but in some cases, [schools they were] actually considering. It is a wonderful way to break out of the Oxbridge/Ivy tunnel vision around here and showcase some of the other brilliant options out there.


Richard Hinchman

YK Pao Senior Secondary School, Shanghai, China

My counselor knew how stressed I was! With [Match] the process was very smooth and fast. I received four university offers, including some with good scholarships. I find the offers really exciting! I’m very happy with what I’ve got. I don’t plan to submit any other applications.


Match Student from Costa Rica


How much time does Match take?

Match is straightforward and user-friendly. For counselors, getting your students set up on the platform can be done in a single class period (30-45 minutes). In fact, we’ll even run the onboarding session for you. Just invite your students to a virtual session with us, and we’ll do the rest! By the end of the class, most students have created AND completed their profiles. Counselors can certify the profiles in less than a minute.

If students are anonymous, how will universities know who they have admitted?

When students receive an offer from a university, they have the option to indicate whether they are interested in an offer. When students indicate interest in a university, they agree to release their information to the university so that it can be entered into the university’s systems. And if the student does not see a good fit, they will remain anonymous.

Can students be interested in more than one offer?

Absolutely. Indicating interest is not a commitment for a student. It’s exactly what it sounds like. It’s a student saying that they’re interested and asking the university to send them the offer package so they can fully assess it.

Are students required to enroll at a university that admits them?

No. Match is designed to bring students more options, not limit opportunities. While many receive favorable options through the platform, students can use Match in addition to completing traditional applications.

Are Match offers official?

Yes! Offers through Match are genuine offers to attend that institution.

Dedicated Partnership

Each of our partners works with a dedicated leader who learns your organization and culture to steer your team to the right answers and resources. Our Match experts become an extension of your team and expand the capacity of what you can accomplish.

Speak with an Expert
Bridget Bowers
Bridget Bowers

Associate Director, Counselor Development

Specialties Enrollment Strategy, Pipeline Development, Lead Generation and Inquiry Management
Adam Wu
Adam Wu, Ed.D.

Associate Director, International School Partnerships

Specialties Admissions, College and University Strategy, Independent Schools, International Students, Public Schools