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Our Academic Affairs Forum delivers proven strategies and data insights so you can unlock untapped resources and reach goals related to student success, financial sustainability, academic program innovation, and more. Whether your campus is seeking a gradual evolution on large-scale initiatives or looking to jumpstart a dramatically new strategic direction, we work with institutions large and small on the following areas:

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How EAB helps you prioritize scarce resources

"The very first EAB meeting I came to I remember feeling like a kid in a candy store because it was fantastic to…learn with other people from other universities about best practices."

Deborah Bickford, Associate Provost
University of Dayton

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In the face of tightening budgets, uncertain enrollments, and declining tuition revenue, colleges and universities need new strategies for growth. Many institutions are confronting this challenge by launching new programs. But often, newly launched programs don’t achieve their enrollment goals, or they experience “profitless growth” due to errors in the program design and launch process.…

The typical faculty job application allows candidates to demonstrate strengths in research and teaching, but offers little opportunity to showcase dedication to departmental and institutional strategic goals such as diversity and inclusion. As a remedy, institutions are increasingly requiring diversity statements as part of the academic job application. Unfortunately, most calls for diversity statements are…

Academic leaders need the support of departments and their faculty to improve institutional graduation rates. But if you measure departments on the time from their majors’ matriculation to graduation, you have probably heard at least one of these common objections: Departments may not even have contact with their majors until they have completed first- and…



About the Webconference Liberal arts students that graduate with basic proficiency in high-demand professional skills and hands-on work experience have a significant advantage as they seek employment. Unfortunately, many faculty leaders believe that developing these critical skills must come at the expense of the traditional academic experience. This webconference will look at a number of…

About the Webconference As the competitive landscape for international students becomes more crowded and complex, it has become more important than ever to maximize the effectiveness of international yield activities. This webconference will examine the challenges inherent in international recruiting and the best practices for driving sustainable international growth.


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