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Our Advancement Forum provides best-practice research and analytics to help you retain top fundraising talent, engage alumni, and increase philanthropic revenue, giving you and your organization an edge as you compete for donor mindshare and dollars. We provide guidance on:

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We often say that fundraisingis an art and a science. But until EAB I never felt that I had that science behind me.

"We often say that fundraisingis an art and a science. But until EAB I never felt that I had that science behind me."

Ginny Wise
Tulane University

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Maximize Major Gifts From Overlooked Prospects

Three strategies to expand your institution’s base of support and ensure major gift sustainability for years to come
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“Water, water everywhere, and not a drop to drink.” That’s how it goes with overfull portfolios. For decades, advancement leaders followed the theory that assigning major gift officers 125, 150, or even 200 prospects would ensure broad cultivation. The best prospects would rise to the top, and fundraisers would simultaneously develop a pipeline of supporters…

Institutions are more dependent now than ever before on major gifts. In 2011, 77% of total higher education campaign dollars came from the top 1% of donors. Therefore, the selection of a top major gift officer (MGO) has never been of greater importance. But what qualities does a perfect MGO possess? And how can you…

Entrepreneurs can be near-impossible to engage. They are often too busy to attend networking or sporting events. Their early-stage ventures may not have the capacity to hire recent graduates. They may not be located close enough to campus for in-person mentorship opportunities. Yet early stage alumni entrepreneurs have immense giving potential. Overnight, they can become…

Fundraising revenues have soared in recent years, powered by mega-gifts at the top of the giving pyramid. Yet a look behind the scenes reveals profound unsustainability. Fewer donors contribute a greater share of total returns, and advancement struggles to build a pipeline of new major gift prospects. Related video Hear about pipeline development from our…

In today’s tight budget times, advancement leaders must find new, innovative, and efficient ways to grow fundraising revenues and ROI. Using EAB’s proprietary ROI benchmarking data, drawn from over 150 institutions in both the US and Canada, we analyzed the investments, staffing levels, and fundraising strategies most closely tied to top performing advancement shops. Our…



About the Webconference Advancement leaders who focus on engaging new prospects often encounter a troubling challenge: major gift officers’ portfolios have no room for newly identified prospects, regardless of their potential. The average portfolio is overfull, stagnant, and moving at a glacial pace (if at all) toward a solicitation. This webconference will discuss best-practice strategies…


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