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Our Advancement Forum provides best-practice research and analytics to help you retain top fundraising talent, engage alumni, and increase philanthropic revenue, giving you and your organization an edge as you compete for donor mindshare and dollars. We provide guidance on:

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We often say that fundraisingis an art and a science. But until EAB I never felt that I had that science behind me.

"We often say that fundraisingis an art and a science. But until EAB I never felt that I had that science behind me."

Ginny Wise , Tulane University

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Maximize Major Gifts From Overlooked Prospects

Strategies to expand your institution’s base of support and ensure major gift sustainability for years to come
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Use the Transferable Skills compendium to identify candidates that may be qualified for a role in advancement but that come from outside of the profession.

Thanks to the enrollment boom of recent years, alumni populations are at an all-time high. Amid this growth, advancement must solve an engagement quandary: with so many constituents to engage, how do we craft a strategy that resonates both broadly and deeply?

Given my perennial future-focus, I was pleased to come across Michael Worth and Matthew Lambert’s latest collection, Advancing Higher Education: New Strategies for Fundraising, Philanthropy, and Engagement, out earlier this summer from Rowman & Littlefield.


Join us at a 2019-2020 National Meeting The pace of change in advancement continues to accelerate as we turn to the 2020s. Donor expectations are rising, technology is growing more complex as well as more essential, and dollar goals continue climbing higher than ever before—perhaps past the point of sustainability. The pace of change in […]

In an era of astronomical campaign goals and tight advancement budgets, advancement leaders must find new ways to advocate for additional resources. EAB’s benchmarking service, the Advancement Investment and Performance Initiative, gives advancement leaders the data they need to make a compelling case for investment to senior institutional leaders. This webconference shares trends that emerged from data submitted by 170 institutions.

Join us at a 2020-2021 National Meeting As the new decade dawns, advancement leaders face both promise and peril ahead. Donor expectations continue to rise, and institutional leaders continue to launch ever-larger campaign. At the same time, growth at the top of the wealth pyramid has created new opportunities for development. Now more than ever, […]

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