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By combining best practice research with data and benchmarking tools, the Business Affairs Forum is designed to help finance and administrative executives answer this unprecedented financial pressure and achieve their most critical goals—principled growth, sustainable costs savings, and continual improvement of core business operations.

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Mitch Robinson, Vice President of Finance and Administration at Austin Peay State University, describes how EAB's Administrative Services Alignment Survey helps boost the quality of the university's decisions.

"The Business Affairs Forum actually identifies ways you can effect change on campus and make improvements for the benefit of the student."

Mitch Robinson
Vice President of Finance and Administration at Austin Peay State University

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100 Tactics for Immediate Labor Savings

This compendium offers 100 rebasing tactics across nine categories.
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  An institution’s work processes are its means of production. They determine how people operate. Simplifying and standardizing those processes can create efficiency, free up capacity, and even unlock opportunities to scale. Many formalized process improvement methodologies compete for attention, but you don’t have to decipher all the buzzwords. Regardless of which approach you adopt,…

Due to increasing costs and flat or decreasing tuition revenues, members are seeking any and all nontraditional revenue opportunities—and many have been successful. Colleges and universities across the country have found ways to meaningful supplemental core revenue. While not every idea is suitable for every institution, there are a host of strategies for business leaders…

Despite rigorous market demand evaluation, some program launches will not work out as planned. Two factors make hitting enrollment targets particularly difficult: 1. Market demand is inherently uncertain. Even with sophisticated data analyses, it is impossible to precisely anticipate student or competitor behavior. The best enrollment projections are still estimates, and estimates are prone to…

To remain financially sustainable alongside ever-present cost and enrollment pressures, colleges and universities must better manage a balanced program portfolio that advances the institutional mission, responds to market demands, and contributes to the bottom line. To this end, campus leaders are already beginning to think more critically about the programs that they launch, knowing that…

Administrative and academic leaders alike want to make better decisions based on high quality, actionable data. But while many institutions are making significant technology investments to improve data quality these investments are useless without staff who can access and analyze this data and communicate trends to leaders. Related infographic 10 analyses to kickstart your BI…



About the Webconference This presentation, a summary of EAB’s most recent “State of the Union” address, is designed for leaders on both the academic and administrative sides of the institution to understand key trends shaping higher education in 2018. The presentation will feature insights into new student markets, including online, international, master’s, and degree completers.…

About the Webconference From prioritizing highest-payoff opportunities for profess redesign to considering longer-term investments in process reengineering capabilities, the Business Affairs Forum will present best-practices for building toward a continuous improvement mindset on campus. EAB brings implementation-ready advice and tactics from institutions with successful process improvement initiatives, including the University of Memphis, the University of…


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