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Our Facilities Forum is designed to empower and equip you and your team to rationalize space use, improve utilization rates, shift from reactive to preventive maintenance, and strengthen stakeholder recognition of facilities’ contributions. We provide research, strategies, and tools across the following areas:

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Facilities leaders are tracking more data than ever before. Here are four easy checks to apply to your metrics

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Dashboards can be powerful tools. They enable Facilities leaders to cut through the noise of data overload and focus on a subset of metrics that enable better management and operational decisions. However, Facilities leaders must overcome the challenges of choosing the right metrics, displaying them in an impactful format, and identifying performance targets and action triggers.

Facilities leaders face increased pressure to differentiate between trending fads and projects that will provide long-term ROI. This infographic breaks down the seven key trends that will have the biggest impact on campuses in the next decade.

To better accommodate the moderns needs of students and faculty, facilities leaders are rethinking traditional library designs. Discover the top trends impacting the next-generation of library space planning.



Join us at a 2020 National Meeting The 2020 Facilities Forum meeting series focuses on top issues facing senior facilities officers. Attendees will join fellow forum members in DC, Santa Monica, and Chicago for thought-provoking research, best practices, engaging breakout discussions, and more.

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