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Our Facilities Forum is designed to empower and equip you and your team to rationalize space use, improve utilization rates, shift from reactive to preventive maintenance, and strengthen stakeholder recognition of facilities’ contributions. We provide research, strategies, and tools across the following areas:

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Facilities leaders are tracking more data than ever before. Here are four easy checks to apply to your metrics

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First, institutions should assess their purpose for tracking data. If the purpose is to track Facilities’ progress toward achievement of strategic objectives, Facilities leaders should consider a scorecard. If the purpose is to better track, manage, and improve operational performance, a dashboard is a more appropriate tool. Institutions need to apply a filtering process to…

Facilities leaders are always thinking ahead when making design and construction decisions. But as demands for campuses evolve, Facilities executives increasingly face the challenge of differentiating between trending fads and projects that can provide long-term ROI. Our infographic breaks down the seven key trends that will have the biggest impact on campuses in the next…

Facilities management is responsible for tasks with a direct impact on stakeholders’ campus experience. From changes in custodial services to major renovations, most facilities units take steps to communicate how the work will impact students, faculty, and staff. However, facilities leaders sometimes struggle with the clarity and timeliness of their messaging. We gathered three steps…

Many colleges and universities are renovating the library environment around the concept of the “learning commons.” These settings reflect next-generation trends in library space planning, including: Fewer physical resourcesFlexible, modular learning environmentsWireless connectivity and outlet accessIntegrated academic support servicesFood and drink options Repurposing the warehouse To better accommodate the modern needs of users, libraries are…

Though facilities leaders today track more metrics than ever before, many teams are struggling to translate reams of data into valuable information that inform key operational decisions. To help organize and present data, more facilities units are creating dashboards to extract insights from data and drive improvements. To address the most common design mistakes, explore…



About this Series This series explores important lessons for connecting and publicizing the impact of the facilities division on the strategic goals of other campus stakeholders. Topics include socializing campus stakeholders to facilities’ true costs and operations, elevating campus perceptions of facilities value, and leveraging mechanisms to highlight facilities impact on institutional initiatives.

Join us at a 2020 National Meeting The 2020 Facilities Forum meeting series focuses on top issues facing senior facilities officers. Attendees will join fellow forum members in DC, Santa Monica, and Chicago for thought-provoking research, best practices, engaging breakout discussions, and more.

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