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The Higher Education Strategy Forum is designed to help college and university presidents navigate this increasingly challenging environment through tailored support, strategic research, and opportunities for off-the-record discussion with peers. Whether your campus is seeking a gradual evolution on large-scale initiatives or looking to jumpstart a dramatically new strategic direction, we work with institutions large and small to help solve these challenges.

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Ask any college or university what they’re doing to create the student experience of tomorrow, and they will rattle off the same experiential or highimpact practices: active learning, internships, undergraduate research, service learning, and the like. In the near term, higher ed leaders are focused on scaling these efforts to improve learning, persistence, and career […]

While most presidents recognize the need to sell their college or university's value to prospective students, fewer recognize the value of selling their institution internally. Reminding faculty and staff about the role of their work in your mission helps align individual efforts with institutional goals.

Colleges and universities are not the only organizations that experience climate "flashpoints": Incidents around diversity and inclusion, sexual misconduct, and free speech are affecting some of the most well-known businesses today. Here's what higher ed can learn from Starbucks' response to high-profile bias incident.

It’s almost become old hat to say that the higher education economic model is “broken.” Unstable future revenues. Ballooning costs. For some, it’s survival at risk. But even the most fortunate are concerned that there won’t be sufficient budget to sustain excellence, much less fund new ambitions. Yet despite all the talk about an economic […]

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