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Heads of independent schools face a range of critical challenges, including how to ensure financial sustainability, enhance fundraising and alumni engagement, balance academic rigor and student wellness, and optimize faculty recruitment and professional development. EAB’s Independent School Executive Forum provides best strategies and innovative solutions to help you address these challenges.

"It’s great to come to the national meeting to explore new ideas. You cannot replicate this in many other settings."

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Independent schools can use to guide admissions, marketing, and communications teams in taking advantage of the full potential of word-of-mouth for recruitment purposes.

“It takes time and effort to get to know the school. Any information that the outgoing head tried to give me, I didn’t have the context for, and it didn’t make sense. And, it didn’t make sense until about two years later when I fully understood the culture of the school.” Head of School Independent […]

Summary This report explores how independent schools structure performance-based faculty compensation systems, with a focus on evaluation practices. Specifically, the report summarizes how profiled independent schools use evaluation techniques to determine which faculty members earn annual compensation increases and/or compensation increases tied to salary band transitions. The report also describes strategies to implement performance-based compensation […]



Join us at a National Meeting The Independent School Executive Forum is excited to host our annual national meeting series, bringing together heads of school from around the country. Across the two-day meeting, we will share our latest research, provide time for discussion, and preview forthcoming implementation support services.

About the Webconference Presenters: Caitlin Blair and Jo Connelly The inaugural session of the series will provide an overview of EAB’s research process and introduce our Hiring Top Talent study. The session will focus on laying the foundation for effective hiring, including maximizing relevant technology, and on determining assessment criteria at the outset of the […]

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