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Heads of independent schools face a range of critical challenges, including how to ensure financial sustainability, enhance fundraising and alumni engagement, balance academic rigor and student wellness, and optimize faculty recruitment and professional development. EAB’s Independent School Executive Forum provides best strategies and innovative solutions to help you address these challenges.

"It’s great to come to the national meeting to explore new ideas. You cannot replicate this in many other settings."

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In the 2018 Independent School Executive Forum’s Executive Roundtable series, Building and Sustaining a Competitive Advantage, researchers shared best practice strategies in the area of enrollment management and faculty professional development. This resource center is designed to take the insights and best practices from our research on enrollment management, Expanding the Enrollment Funnel, and translate…

With growing concerns about economic and demographic changes, price of tuition, and questions of the value of independent school education, financial sustainability is an issue for independent schools. This brief highlights major factors that impact financial sustainability and lays out six levers you can use to inflect it: advancement, cost cutting, alternative revenues, enrollment management,…

Between rigorous course loads and numerous extra-curricular activities, students today are busy building impressive resumes to distinguish themselves in an increasingly competitive college admissions process. Factor in parental pressure, a 24/7 digital life, and the growing pains of adolescence, and you’ll find students are stressed out, sleep-deprived, and often ill-prepared for new and less-familiar settings.…

K-12 school leaders are increasingly confronted with unprecedented levels of student stress on campus. In addition to the steady rise in the number of students struggling with clinical mental health issues, this stress manifests in maladaptive behaviors, academic misconduct, substance abuse, and poor physical health. This is a growing challenge for public schools—and an opportunity…

Use this toolkit to guide admissions, marketing, and communications teams in taking advantage of the full potential of word-of-mouth for recruitment purposes. Traditionally, mission-aligned families have been familiar with the value of an independent school education and have actively pursued it for their children. Recently, increased competition and the rising cost of tuition have resulted…



Join us at a National Meeting The Independent School Executive Forum is excited to host our annual national meeting series, bringing together heads of school from around the country. Across the two-day meeting, we will share our latest research, provide time for discussion, and preview forthcoming implementation support services.

About the Webconference Presenters: Caitlin Blair and Jo Connelly The inaugural session of the series will provide an overview of EAB’s research process and introduce our Hiring Top Talent study. The session will focus on laying the foundation for effective hiring, including maximizing relevant technology, and on determining assessment criteria at the outset of the…

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