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Students succeed when they are engaged with an informed, connected, campus community

The Starfish platform brings insight to student data and allows campuses to take action and serve students proactively. Starfish removes complicated redundancies and barriers to modernize campuses proactively. We make student intervention easy and integrated. Starfish connects each campus to its students - providing intentional just-in-time intervention and cohort management throughout their journey. Our technology and services enable campuses to become student-ready, scale student support and measure the completion results.


Early Alert, Scheduling and Case Management

Identify, track, and engage students with the resources aligned to their specific needs, while examining institutional capacity to support students.

Operational Analytics

Connect institutional strategy to tactical student success approaches by examining analytic reports influencing proactive advising that allows faculty and staff to identify, track, and engage students with the resources aligned to their specific needs.


Strategic Analytics

Strategic Analytics help you to guide actions across identified student groups based on specific risk factors. Each report has a series of dashboards that provide focused perspectives of the data being reported.

Our Commitment to Equity


Equity Resource Center

This curated resource center brings together EAB’s most impactful research, tools, and insights to help campus leaders foster DEI and justice.


Moon Shot for Equity

The Moon Shot for Equity is an ambitious public-private partnership focused on eliminating equity gaps in higher education by 2030.


Degree Planning

Guide students along their academic pathway to achieve their goals through academic planning and proactive advising that allows faculty and staff to identify, track, and engage students with the resources aligned to their specific needs. Off-track notifications ensure students stay on-course and colleges can use data to anticipate course forecast demand.

Connect with a Nationwide Network of Success Leaders

Strategic leaders guide partners with initial and ongoing adoption of the Starfish platform in support of your student success strategies. Partners also join the nationwide Student Success Collaborate to learn from peer success leaders and share strategies that work.

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Partner Resources

Section offering metrics for course planning

The Student Success Playbook

This report aims to help you and your leadership team reshape your student success strategy.

How to include student preferences in course planning

What Happens to 100 Students Who Enter College?

We’ve assembled an unprecedented view of college outcomes.

Course and section level metrics in course planning

Defining the Faculty Role in Student Success

Our study profiles 16 proven insights to engage faculty as major allies in student success efforts.

University of Missouri

Student Success at Scale

How Intentionality and Creativity Produce an Impact on Student Success at Scale

Blackhawk Tech (1)

Faculty Engagement

Engaging Faculty and Creating Culture Change

New York University

Addressing Completion Rates

Completion Rates Through Data-Informed and Starfish-Enhanced Summer Experience

Daily Briefing

A curated roundup of the most relevant blog posts, research, and infographics for your day.

Student Success Insights Blog

Our experts analyze the latest trends and emerging best practices in student success.

Office Hours with EAB

A podcast that shares ideas and inspiration for higher education leaders—with frequent special guests.

Starfish Case Studies

Learn about how other Starfish partners have improved student success.

Starfish Support Questions

Receive product support and resolve technical issues.

Starfish Community

Engage with other users, discover best practices, and share your expertise.

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