EAB acquires Rapid Insight

Technology will enhance EAB's education data platform, Edify

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EAB Adds Rapid Insight Technology to its Education Data Platform, Edify

Combination creates the most powerful and accessible data and analytics platform built for higher education. Edify and Rapid Insight remove two major barriers to data analysis and reporting: inaccessibility and complexity.

Frequently Asked Questions

On October 26, 2021, EAB announced its acquisition of Rapid Insight, a powerful and easy-to-use data and analytics platform. The Rapid Insight technology will enhance EAB’s education data platform, Edify, and give administrators the ability to unlock insights from campus data faster than ever before and without relying on data scientists or their IT departments.

EAB’s mission is to make education smarter and communities stronger. We work with more than 2,500 institutions to drive transformative change through data-driven insights and best-in-class capabilities. From kindergarten to college to career, EAB partners with leaders and practitioners to accelerate progress and drive results across five major areas: enrollment, student success, institutional strategy, data analytics, and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I). We work with each partner differently, tailoring our portfolio of research, technology, and marketing and enrollment solutions to meet the unique needs of every leadership team, as well as the students and employees they serve.

Rapid Insight provides more than 200 colleges and universities with powerful and user-friendly solutions that help leaders analyze data in critical areas such as enrollment, fundraising, and academic performance. Rapid Insight’s intuitive drag-and-drop functionality enables stakeholders across campus to access, analyze, and share insights from campus-wide data, whether or not they have coding experience. With Rapid Insight, institutions have achieved significant ROI through data and analytics, including reducing IPEDS submission times by 75 percent, improving retention rates by 6 percent, and consistently predicting enrollment with 99 percent accuracy.

Edify is EAB’s education data platform, developed specifically for higher education. The platform ingests and organizes data from disparate campus IT systems into a single, unified source of information. The organized data can then be exported to other applications—including business intelligence software—or accessed directly within the platform by authorized users.

Edify users also have access to a menu of pre-scoped data projects, called “Accelerators,” which are implemented by EAB’s team of subject-matter experts and data engineers. Accelerators deliver the most commonly requested data integration and analytics for priority areas such as enrollment, equity, and academic resource management.

EAB’s vision for Edify—its education data platform—has always been to democratize data so campus leaders can access information to power innovation and measure progress against institutional priorities. By adding the Rapid Insight technology to Edify, we can accelerate time to insight: administrators will be able to run analyses, report on outcomes, and share insights with executives within days of deploying the Edify platform. That is possible because together, Edify and Rapid Insight enable both access and ease of use. Edify organizes institutional data in a uniform format and creates a central point of access to that data. The Rapid Insight technology removes technical barriers to using that data for decision-making.

Rapid Insight partners will benefit from EAB’s firm-wide commitment to innovation and thought leadership—as well as the company’s network of more than 2,500 partner institutions that surface common challenges and best practices. EAB experts, data scientists, and researchers—along with this network of institutional partners—are making measurable progress on issues such as data integration, governance, and accessibility. Supported by this community and EAB’s resources, the Rapid Insight team will be able to innovate faster and continue to build powerful technologies that transform higher education while helping their partners deploy data more strategically.

If you currently work with EAB or Rapid Insight, please continue to reach out to your account representative for assistance with questions related to your current partnership.

If you are not an EAB partner and are interested in bringing the Edify data platform to your organization, please contact Ed Hock.

For more information about the transaction, please read the press release or blog post.

Please direct media inquiries to Garen Cuttler.

Learn more about how Edify and Rapid Insight will unlock campus data

Read the blog post for two examples of how Rapid Insight is powering campus strategy today—and why we’re excited about the opportunity that these capabilities will bring to our partners.

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