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The faculty burnout epidemic: Thought leaders we are reading, listening to, and following right now

October 13, 2022 , By Jada Harris, Research Analyst, Strategic Research

The impact of chronic workplace stress on faculty well-being was a concern for academic leaders pre-pandemic, but faculty burnout has reached a tipping point over the past couple of years. Today, faculty are experiencing pandemic-induced career setbacks, change fatigue, looming trauma from the past two years, depleted community connections, and financial stressors imposed by inflation.

To support academic leaders in their efforts to tackle faculty burnout, EAB’s faculty well-being research team has curated this list of top resources and thought leaders on the topic of faculty burnout.




  • “Unraveling Faculty Burnout,” by Rebecca Pope-Ruark
  • “Rehumanizing the Workplace: Future-Proofing Your Organization While Restoring Hope, Well-Being and Performance,” by Rosie Ward and Jon Robison
  • “We’re Not Ok: Black Faculty Experiences and Higher Education Strategies” by Antija Allen
  • “Wellbeing at Work,” by Jim Clifton
  • “The Whole-Person Workplace: Building Better Workplaces through Work-Life, Wellness, and Employee Support,” by Scott Behson


EAB’s Burnout Faculty Digest Playlist Keep up with EAB’s recommended faculty burnout podcast episodes using our Spotify playlist.

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Jada Harris

Jada Harris is a Research Analyst at EAB working on best practice research studies. Since joining EAB in 2022, she has worked on research projects focused on DEIJ, mental health, and faculty and staff support.

Prior to joining EAB, Jada was a Press Secretary and Social Media Manager for the Connecticut Secretary of the State. In this role, Jada worked with the executive team to foster a more inclusive political process by educating, informing, and engaging communities in youth and civic preparation. Outside of EAB, Jada enjoys building community, reading, crafting, exercising, and searching for her next travel destination.

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