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Research Report

Energy Reduction Strategies in Higher Education

Invest in the right energy-saving tactics for your campus

April 9, 2020, By Lisa Berglund, Director, Research Admin & Management

Key Insights

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Despite the best efforts of higher education Facilities leaders, occupied buildings inevitably drift from their original energy design. New buildings may open with assets incorrectly installed, while existing buildings require maintenance interventions to address years of stop-gap measures. As a result, institutions often see energy consumption and costs slowly escalate throughout a building’s lifetime.

Many levers are available to manage complex energy costs. Institutions report, however, that the biggest opportunity is not in reducing the price of energy but instead by reducing energy utilization. Reducing the overall campus demand for energy is not only more tractable; it also provides more opportunities for Facilities leaders to address costs.

This resource provides tangible steps for managing energy costs in colleges and universities through an institution’s most effective levers: commissioning, recommissioning, retrofits, and continuous commissioning.

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