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Research Report

3 Ways Higher Ed IT Leaders Are Socializing AI Use Across Campus

January 24, 2024, By Benjamin Zevallos, Research Analyst

Key Insights

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AI is reshaping industries worldwide, and higher education is no exception—a third of companies are already using generative AI (GAI) in business functions and three-quarters are planning to adopt AI technologies by 2027.

Yet, as AI spreads through society and global markets, skepticism within universities persists—many faculty are still apprehensive about using AI tools, and staff are curious but struggle to know where to start.

In short, higher education is struggling to socialize AI in an environment when most others are racing to integrate it. Here, chief information officers (CIOs) play a crucial role. They aren’t just technology leaders; they’re the cultural architects who can demonstrate AI’s practical advantages and foster an environment where AI tools are trusted and embraced.

Our EAB research team spoke with scores of higher education leaders and collected examples of how institutions are socializing AI use on campus. We organized examples in order of implementation effort, ranging from easy starts to institution-wide initiatives.

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