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4 AI priorities for enrollment leaders

This blog shares steps enrollment leaders should be taking to benefit from generative AI while mitigating its risks.
Enrollment Blog
Research Report

3 Ways Higher Ed IT Leaders Are Socializing AI Use Across Campus

Explore examples of how colleges and universities are socializing AI use on campus, ranging from low-effort implementations to institution-wide initiatives.
IT Strategy Advisory Services

How generative AI is expanding what is possible in research

Explore how generative AI has already expanded what's possible in research and what it means for higher ed CIOs.
Strategy Blog

6 innovative ways higher ed can embrace AI

Our blog explores six innovative ways higher education can embrace AI with examples from across sectors
Data & Analytics Blog

7 missteps university leaders must avoid in their AI approach

In recent conversations with presidents, provosts, CBOs and CIOs, we’ve identified seven missteps university leaders are making in their AI approach.
Data & Analytics Blog

Will ChatGPT Ruin or Improve Higher Education?

Experts dive into the debate over whether ChatGPT and other artificial intelligence tools can coexist with traditional higher education pedagogy.

Unlocking AI’s Potential in Higher Education

Use this infographic to identify, develop, or acquire AI applications that best align with your institutional priorities.
IT Strategy Advisory Services

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