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Research Report

Priority Data Analyses to Promote Student Success

10 smart ways to use campus data to support better student outcomes

September 24, 2019

Key Insights

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Student success is a foundational mission of all higher education institutions, and is therefore a prime focus area to build consensus around the need for data governance. These Priority Data Analyses for Student Success should be used to determine strategic focus areas for data governance work at the enterprise level.

By determining enterprise definitions to the associated terms for these analyses, institutions will be able to run effective analytics and stage impactful interventions to generate widespread support for enterprise data governance and business intelligence work.

3 ways to use this resource:

  • Focus efforts in data governance to align with desired student success analyses and associated outcomes
  • Generate leadership buy-in for institutional investment in business and analytics support on campus
  • Develop a shared understanding of the potential value of standardized data and analysis for teaching and learning

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