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Research Report

The New Rules of Engagement

Building the next generation of alumni leaders and volunteers

April 11, 2016

Key Insights

Higher education advancement is approaching a sector-wide inflection point, when colleges and universities will either sustain momentum and cast off into a decade of record-breaking fundraising returns, or run aground due to a shallow prospect pool, resulting in lost progress to replenish an aging supporter pipeline. The key to success is securing the loyalties of the alumni and prospects of today, who will become tomorrow’s major gift donors and institutional champions. Senior advancement leaders must act with urgency to capitalize on a window of opportunity in which the largest addressable segment of the alumni base is both underengaged and at the optimal age to be receptive to volunteer opportunities.

Millennial alumni are willing to donate to and become involved with their alma maters, but they seek greater levels of personalization, customization, and convenience than ever before. Unlike past generations of alumni, they are interested in deploying their skills and expertise, not just their time and money. Advancement leaders need to recalibrate their engagement strategies to appeal to these alumni and secure their loyalties—and future major gifts.

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