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Create a Community College Pipeline to Place Students in Right-Fit Careers

As automation and technological innovation continue to create volatility within the workforce, many individuals may not know the best way to prepare for or advance their careers. Learn how community colleges can attract underemployed workers and prepare students to succeed in the workforce.

Many colleges offer career decision support on campus for enrolled students but fail to use their extensive career services to market their offerings to adults in the workforce. Bring this career decision support directly to prospective students to demonstrate how your college can provide the necessary training, skills, and networking opportunities to connect them with their right-fit career.

Community-based career bootcamps help dislocated workers who may be unaware of the resources on campus identify a new career path and relevant retraining options. Use practice seven in our Recapturing Adult Learner Enrollments study to learn more about how to deliver a bootcamp.

As the pace of technological change accelerates, workers must continuously upgrade their skills to remain current in their fields. To serve lifelong learners throughout the course of their careers, community colleges must design programs that align with adults’ priorities and their lifestyles using innovative and flexible methods, such as stackable certificates, prior learning assessment (PLA), and credit crosswalks with corporate partners. To learn more about these practices, read section two of our Recapturing Adult Learner Enrollments study.

The PLA playbook is a resource for quickly educating campus stakeholders. It clarifies prior learning terms, draws distinctions between different methods of assessing prior learning, and introduces the main organizations offering PLA assessment or implementation support.

Whether it’s the high school student considering college or the adult worker returning to upskill, the promise of a stable, well-paying job is one of the main reasons that students choose community colleges. Workforce training programs present several opportunities to provide students…

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