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Flashpoint Tabletop Case Study Compendium

Prepare your institution's response to a variety of campus flashpoints

Key Insights

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This flashpoint tabletop case study compendium is built to prepare your institution’s key decision-makers to respond to various campus flashpoints. Tabletop exercises are excellent tools because they require only a few hours and can be conducted by existing staff (i.e., they do not require a team of externally contracted mediators).

The compendium describes 12 different campus climate flashpoint scenarios. In a meeting with members of your institution’s flashpoint response team, use this compendium to prepare for possible flashpoints on your campus and determine effective responses. Each scenario has a brief description and two discussion questions.

Brainstorm possible responses to the provided scenarios to assess your institution’s readiness for potential campus climate flashpoints and develop strategies to prepare your campus’s response.

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