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Highlights from the 2021 AASCU and EAB Virtual Symposium for Presidents and their Cabinets

AASCU's First Symposium of 2021

The current and future state of higher education amid a pandemic

Higher Ed Presidents, AASCU, and EAB experts connected during two, half-day sessions about the state of higher education broadly and actionable insights to survive and thrive. Topics included:

  • The competitive and challenging enrollment landscape
  • Higher education’s outdated business model
  • Changing needs and preferences of student populations
  • The crisis of confidence in the value of a degree
  • Academic program innovation and prioritization
  • Opportunities to achieve financial sustainability

This symposium was an extension of the conversations from AASCU’s 2020 Annual Meeting about the current and future state of higher education amid a pandemic, a nationwide recession, and historic social justice movements.

Watch this two-minute video for the key highlights from the 2021 AASCU Presidential Symposium.

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