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Competing on Personalization and Value, Not Loyalty

Avoid one-size-fits-all approaches to alumni engagement

Key Insights

As people increasingly seek out experiences and services that are tailor-made for them, advancement must shift from one-size-fits-all communications to one-on-one communications. Additionally, amid loyalty giving’s decline, advancement must continuously make the case to constituents on why they should come back to give or engage again.

How does the increase to digital change the outlooks and expectations of our constituents? People now expect personalization; they want their schools to track their engagement, preferences, and more in order to better meet their needs. It’s requiring colleges and universities to create more personalized offerings.

One example of a tactic is person-branded email outreach. The email can still be mass blasted out but the effect of a personalized sender can lead to a higher engagement rate as opposed to something that looks like it is a generic institution email. The University of Florida saw a 2.5x higher open rate when using a person’s name as the sender.

This webinar will highlight ways to personalize the communication experience and strategies on building the case for support to keep constituents engaged and interested. It is also the third webinar in the series, so if you’re interested in learning more about the distracted constituent or the time-crunched constituent, watch the other webinars in the series below.

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