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Digitizing Active Engagement

Strategies to personalize the communication experience and build the case for support to keep constituents engaged and interested

Key Insights

While digital dependence grows, there are more concerns among constituents. Technology rewires us to think differently, but not always in the way we intend. As a result, today’s donors are more time-pressed and their fast-paced, digitally accelerated lives leave little time for in-person engagement.

This webconference, the first in our series on engaging alumni, will highlight ways to personalize the communication experience and strategies on building the case for support to keep constituents engaged and interested.

Through our research, we found that events across sectors are seeing a decline in attendance as competition grows. But interestingly enough, constituents say they want events, but then forget to attend them.

In order to help you keep pace with the changing needs of today’s donors, we will share strategies to digitize active alumni engagement. Watch our on-demand webconference for strategies to involve and engage time-pressed alumni who want to be actively involved but don’t have time to attend in-person events.

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