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Video roundtable: Transforming student success at small schools

Small enrollment institutions attract students on the promise of a personalized and high-touch college experience. However, these institutions often share that their size poses unique challenges, including constrained resources and an over-reliance on faculty to deliver advising. These challenges and others leave many small-school administrators reluctant to implement new student success initiatives or technology.

Recently, leaders from two small-enrollment institutions that partner with EAB sat down with Managing Director Jocelyn Powers to discuss their experiences working with EAB to implement new technology, gain buy-in, and improve outcomes. Hear from Nancy Biggio of Samford University (3,168 students) and Farrah Jackson Ward of Elizabeth City State University (1,535 students) in the videos below.

Video 1: Tackling the unique challenges faced by small institutions
What challenges do smaller schools face related to student success that larger schools do not?

Video 2: Engaging faculty in student success initiatives
How can you increase faculty engagement in advising through the use of Campus?

Video 3: Tailoring the implementation process to your institution
How do you leverage EAB resources as you began implementation?

Video 4: Delivering on the promise of personalized care with limited resources
How can you support change on campus?