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Insight Paper

AI for Enrollment Leaders

Immediate and Future Implications of the New Artificial Intelligence

The arrival on the scene of ChatGPT and other “new AIs” caught even the most expert of industry watchers by surprise, and reaching a full understanding of their potential impact will take some time. That said, forward-thinking practitioners in every field are wasting no time putting this new toolkit to work, often to startling effect.

In addition to offering a comprehensive backgrounder on the new AI, our insight paper gives actionable advice to enrollment leaders on four key priorities:

  • AI-enabling your staff
  • Nailing down your policy on applicant use of AI
  • Activating AI themes in your recruitment outreach
  • Preparing to promptly adopt future AI innovations

Our report also includes results from a national survey of enrollment leaders that explores:

  • Their attitudes toward the new AI
  • The degree to which they have already incorporated new AIs into their work
  • Their future plans with regard to the adoption of AI tools
  • Particular uses they are making of the new AI

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