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Insight Paper

Launching Social Media Giving Campaigns

Launching Social Media Giving CampaignsAn increasing number of community college leaders are turning to philanthropy to counteract unprecedented budgetary pressures that stem from state funding cuts and declining enrollments. But compared to their four-year counterparts, community college development staff must cultivate donors from a more diverse and disconnected alumni population.

This white paper examines how to successfully launch and maintain giving campaigns via social media.

Download the full white paper to discover best practices for implementation at your institution.

Download the study

White paper overview

This white paper explores how development staff can quickly launch a high-return social media fundraising campaign. By reading this report, members will learn:

  • How to organize a social media campaign in three months or less
  • How to recruit, train, and deploy volunteers to expand the campaign’s social media reach
  • How to generate excitement and urgency around the campaign
  • How to sustain giving following the campaign

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