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Insight Paper

Supporting Gen P: Understanding the Next Generation of Community College Learners

Secure enrollment with these six insights from EAB's 2023 Student Communication Preferences Survey

To best serve high school students who are considering attending community college, institutions need to understand their motivations, concerns, and college search behaviors. This report draws from survey results of over 20,000 high school students who completed EAB’s 2023 Communication Preferences Survey and focuses on responses from 2,700 students who indicated they are interested in attending a community college.

We’ve uncovered six distinguishing traits of prospective community college students that can assist leaders in understanding how to best direct their efforts in upcoming years.

Community college prospects:

  • Want flexible options, including online and hybrid programs
  • Are eager for personalized attention, such as smaller recruitment events and class sizes
  • Rank affordability and cost as a top concern
  • Need a FAFSA completion support system
  • Are career motivated, but may feel unprepared to start college
  • Are less engaged in college search behaviors

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