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Appily Candidates

A Next-Generation Approach to Recruiting College Prospects
We leverage behavioral insights drawn from 6M+ student inquiries in Appily’s database to identify prospects who are more likely to apply and enroll.

A Smarter Way to Find Prospects


greater likelihood that Appily Candidates will apply compared to other sources


greater likelihood that Appily Candidates will enroll compared to other sources


of all college-bound students students are in Appily's growing audience

How It Works

Appily Candidates leverage an expansive digital network and powerful predictive modeling to connect you with qualified prospects who are more likely to apply and enroll.

Predictive Modeling

Connect With Prospects Who Are More Likely to Engage

We synthesize student behavior across our connected ecosystem to predict which students are more likely to apply and enroll at your institution.

Earlier Access

Tap Into A Vast Digital Network

Traditional list sources operate on a binding timetable. With Appily Candidates, you can source the leads you need when you need them, without relying on assessment-based release schedules.

No Mandatory Minimums

A Flexible Option for Every School

We know the future is hard to predict. With Appily Candidates, you can source as many leads as you need, when you need them while ensuring that every lead you purchase is a net-new addition to your recruitment funnel that’s aligned with your institution’s enrollment goals.

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    High-Intent Student Names

  • “”

    Customizable Search Criteria

  • “”

    No Minimum Requirements

  • “”

    Reliable Student Data

  • “”

    Expansive Network of Partner Sites

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    Deduplication Service


The pandemic opened our eyes to how vulnerable the system can be. With Candidates, we can rest easy knowing that our strategy is more resilient to market changes.


Large Private University in the Midwest

Dedicated Partnership

Each of our partners works with a dedicated Partner Success Manager who learns your organization and culture to steer your team to the right answers and resources. Our higher ed. experts become an extension of your leadership team and expand the capacity of what you can accomplish.

Talk to an Expert
Tisleen Singh
Tisleen Singh

Sr. Director of Partner Success, Audience Generation

Specialties Underrepresented Students, Marketing and Recruiting, Enrollment Strategy, Pipeline Development, Growth Strategy, First Generation Students, Enrollment Management
Justin Campbell
Justin Campbell

Senior Director, Audience Generation

Specialties Enrollment Strategy, Degree Completers

An Expansive, Powerful Network


greater growth in first-year enrollment among Enroll360 Audiences partners


high school and transfer students in Appily’s growing audience


growth in 9th-11th graders on Appily between May 2021 and May 2023

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