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Rapid Insight

Self-service analytics to move from data to action

The Power of Self-Service Analytics


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Too often, access and capacity issues keep staff from using data to make fast and effective decisions. Rapid Insight puts reliable data in decision-makers’ hands with simplified predictive modeling, a code-free data workspace, and cloud-based dashboards. Empower users across your institution—from IR teams to advisors to the registrar’s office—to analyze and quickly act on campus data with Rapid Insight.

Code-Free Workspace

Construct a data-informed environment

Rapid Insight’s code-free data ingestion workspace allows you to connect to every source on campus, from your SIS and LMS to your CRMs and databases. Repeatable data workflows automatically cleanse and prepare data, quickly producing reliable reports and trustworthy datasets.

Automated Predictive Modeling

Predict key outcomes

When anyone on campus can build a predictive model with a single click, you can make tactical and timely decisions about enrollment, student support, advancement, and more. Rapid Insight mines your data for the most statistically significant variables and produces an instant model for your analysis.

Cloud-Based Collaboration

Bridge the gap between insight and action

Rapid Insight’s higher education analytics platform gives your stakeholders the information they need in their ideal format. Cloud-based dashboards open in any internet browser and allow users to customize their view and explore data in-depth. Your organization’s data manager governs which data each user can access.

Meet the Rapid Insight Team

Rapid Insight partners enjoy unlimited support from higher education data analytics experts. Access technical assistance, attend regular product trainings, get feedback on models and data workflows you build, and receive strategic guidance on planning and executing data initiatives.

Talk to Our Team
James Cousins
James Cousins

Senior Strategic Leader, Data and Analytics

Specialties Student Success, Annual Giving, Admissions, Data and Analytics, Stakeholder Communication and Enfranchisement, Customer Service, Business Intelligence
Lily Brennan
Lily Brennan

Strategic Leader, Data and Analytics

Specialties Student Success, Enrollment Strategy, Data and Analytics

Level up your analytics with Rapid Insight

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