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Partner Service

Candidate Experience Web Audit for Colleges and Universities

Participate in EAB’s Candidate Experience Web Audit to learn more about how to improve the prospective faculty experience when they interact with your website and apply for a position.

Your prospective faculty website is the first resource candidates use to learn more about the institution, the surrounding community, and open positions. A website that is difficult to use, poorly designed, or not inclusive of all candidates may discourage prospective faculty from engaging with the institution and applying.

EAB is offering a service where one of our experts will audit your prospective faculty website or your application process.

What will we audit?

The prospective faculty website audit examines the following areas:
  • Navigation & accessibility

  • DEIJ commitment

  • Candidate resources

The application experience audit will examine the following areas:

  • Position description

  • Application process

You will receive a custom report that details strengths and opportunities for improvement to enhance the candidate experience. To request a faculty recruitment web audit, please provide your information below—your Strategic Leader will be in touch once they receive your request.