Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice Initiatives in Higher Education

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The Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice
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Your curated guide for DEIJ conversations on campus and institutional change

This resource center brings together EAB’s vast library of best practice DEIJ research, tools, and insights dedicated to helping college and university leaders cultivate diversity, foster inclusion, promote equity, and fight for justice for their students, faculty, staff, and communities. Click through the tabs below to navigate the resources.


Our goal is to provoke thought and agitate for action across higher education. We believe that diversity, equity, and inclusion, while noble goals and disciplines on their own, must be animated by the ongoing pursuit of justice for those harmed by the racist systems of oppression that operate throughout our society. Colleges and universities have a vital role to play in this work.

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Racial Justice: Systematic and proactive reinforcement of the public policies, institutional practices, cultural messages, and social norms needed to achieve and sustain racial equity

Institutionalizing Efforts: Including CDO roles, taskforces, and institutional plans. A commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice requires critical examination of institutional policies, practices, and organization. 

Diversity: Representation of all the different characteristics that make one individual or group different from another.

Equity: Evaluating systems and institutions to identify and remove biases in the distribution of opportunities and resources.

Inclusion: Ensuring differences are welcomed, different perspectives are respectfully heard, and every individual feels a sense of belonging.


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To speak directly with an EAB expert about your DEIJ work on campus, reach out to your Strategic Leader, whose information you can find on your EAB Dashboard.

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Explore EAB's library of diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice resources. If you have specific questions for how to navigate a resource or implement best practices on campus, contact your Strategic Leader.

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Explore the resources below to recruit and enroll a diverse class and support the recruitment of diverse faculty and staff.

How to know when cluster hiring for faculty diversity works—and when it doesn’t

As more institutions set diversity goals, competition for the best faculty candidates continues to intensify. As a result, academic leaders must take immediate action to increase the diversity of their candidate pool for faculty searches with changes to job ad language, candidate-facing websites, and interviewing processes.

Close the Diversity Gap in Higher Ed Advancement By Recruiting Transferable-Skills Candidates

Current efforts aren’t enough to significantly increase diversity of job candidates and new hires because there is a lack of diversity within the advancement industry. Transferable-skills candidates bring skills and competencies from related fields and provide an opportunity to increase advancement team diversity.

Competency-Based Hiring Toolkit for University Advancement Leaders

Use the competency-based hiring to identify qualified transferable-skills candidates and attract them to your open positions.


Explore the resources below to remove barriers to student academic success and career readiness.

360-Degree Student Equity Audit

Use our 360-Degree Student Equity Audit to keep equity at the center of your COVID-19 response and recovery plans to help build a more equitable future.

Build Academic Confidence Through Pre-College Programs

Read this brief to learn how to help remove students’ expectations and doubts and build confidence through pre-college programs.

Redesign Curricular Pathways to Support Student Success

Read this brief for strategies to redesign mathematics courses to better support the success of all students.


Explore the resources below to create inclusive practices for students and faculty.

Scaling Support for Financially Insecure Students

With the rising cost of college, more and more students suffer from basic needs or other forms of financial insecurity. VPSAs and their teams should use the study to expand services for students facing financial hardship.

Accessibility Checklist for Virtual Student Programming

COVID-19 has forced students to adapt to a new set of challenges as institutions transition to remote learning and programming. Review this virtual student programming accessibility checklist to ensure that students can connect with the appropriate resources to succeed.

Case Study Compendium of Campus Flashpoints

This resource is comprised of exercises to prepare heads of school and their leadership team for how to respond to incivility in the classroom.


Explore the resources for more on systematic and proactive reinforcement of the public policies, institutional practices, cultural messages, and social norms needed to achieve and sustain racial equity.

4 things to know to promote racial justice on campus

To create real change on campus, education leaders must make DEIJ efforts a comprehensive and institution-wide effort.

3 language mistakes to avoid in your institution’s DEIJ plans

As institutional leaders develop diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) strategic plans, it’s important for them to consider how they frame their priorities and commitments. EAB reviewed over 40 DEI plans from institutions across the U.S., Canada, and Europe and found that many used generic and deficit-based language to articulate their priorities.

7 Hallmarks of an Anti-Racist Education Institution

Learn about each of the seven hallmarks of an anti-racist institution through the lives of four BIPOC community members in this interactive infographic.


Our team is ready to work with your institution to make progress on your institutional goals, from student success, to faculty and staff recruitment, to affordability and beyond. Contact your Strategic Leader to discuss any of our DEIJ resources and get expert advice on how to implement the best practices on your campus.

Educate leaders and address systematic racism

Private Webinars and Workshops to Support Your Cabinet and Board in Addressing Systemic Racism

These private webinars and workshops are designed to help higher education leaders, cabinets, and boards better understand systemic racism and how it manifests at their college or university.

Build a strong DEIJ plan that will lead to action

Get Started with a New Plan

For Higher Education Strategy Forum and Global Research partners

If your institution doesn’t yet have a DEIJ plan, start with EAB’s DEIJ Plan Starter Kit. We provide step-by-step guidance and examples to initiate the DEIJ planning process and write and organize the plan.

Want to discuss how to get started on your campus? Your strategic leader can connect you with our team of experts for campus-specific guidance.

Review an Existing Plan

For Higher Education Strategy Forum and Global Research partners

EAB’s DEIJ Institutional Plan Review is a service that evaluates your existing university DEIJ plan or an in-progress draft. EAB experts will provide partners with research-driven advice including institutional examples and tailored guidance to improve their current strategy.

Recruit and enroll a diverse class

Encourage FAFSA Submissions

As the number of college-aged students declines, and the population of high school graduates grows more diverse, prioritize efforts to promote recruitment and enrollment access for all students. Use this toolkit to address the most common barriers to FAFSA submission and help you get the word out to students.

Remove barriers to student academic success and career readiness

Improve Equity in Student Success

Use our 360-Degree Student Equity Audit to keep equity at the center of your COVID-19 response and recovery plans to help build a more equitable future.

Ready to focus on equity?

Learn how to eliminate persistent equity gaps at our colleges and universities with EAB's Moon Shot for Equity initiative.

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