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Partner Stories

How Missouri State University Leveraged Data to Grow Their Advancement Shop

Missouri State University's partnership with EAB's Advancement Advisory Services

Missouri State University (MSU) is a public doctoral professional university in Springfield, Missouri. Founded in 1905, its mission is to educate students to be global citizen scholars.

Large Public University
Springfield, Missouri

The Challenge

The MSU advancement leadership team faced heightened pressures from their board to cut costs within their already lean advancement shop. They knew they needed a third-party perspective to provide credibility and prove that investment in advancement will help move the institution toward its strategic goals.

The Solution

MSU’s advancement leaders participated in the Advancement Investment and Performance Initiative (AIPI), EAB’s best-in- class KPI benchmarking program. AIPI provided them with staffing and investment data with peer comparisons, helping them understand their shop’s ROI and where they could improve.

The Results

Armed with staffing and investment data and backed by the Board, MSU’s advancement shop has increased their ROI, grown their fundraising production, and decreased their cost to raise a dollar.


"Reviewing EAB's ROI and Fundraiser Productivity data with the Board is part of our annual planning process, and the Board now proactively asks for it. This initiative alone makes the whole partnership worth it."


Brent Dunn, Vice President for University Advancement,

Missouri State University

Impact Highlights


Increase in total fundraising dollars over five years


Increase in total ROI


Improvement in cents to raise a dollar over six years