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It's Time to Strengthen Support for Student-Parents

Experts highlight better ways to support student-parents and explain why it isn’t just the right thing to do, it also makes perfect business sense for colleges.

What Colleges Can Learn from UofM Partnerships with FedEx and Others

The Executive Dean of UofM Global shares lessons learned from building and sustaining corporate partnerships with FedEx and more.

The Rise of Google Career Certificates: Threat or Opportunity?

Grow with Google head Lisa Gevelber joins EAB’s Sally Amoruso to discuss innovative ways to bundle alternative credentials into traditional college curricula.

Are Alternative Online Credentials a Threat or Opportunity?

A surge in consumer demand for faster and cheaper education credentials has pushed colleges to compete and sometimes partner with alternative online providers.

Insights From 1,000+ Adults Considering Completing Their Bachelor's

There are approximately 3.5 million adults who have completed some college and have a high potential in going back to earn their bachelor’s degree. Guests discuss findings from a survey…

How UCF is Expanding Opportunities for Hispanic Adult Learners

Representatives from the UCF College of Nursing discuss a public-private partnership that helps them provide more Hispanic adult learners in their area with the education and training they need to…

Survey Highlights What Matters Most to Adult Learners

Experts review findings from a new EAB survey of nearly 4,000 current and prospective adult learners and share advice with university leaders on how to find, engage, and enroll these…

How to Recruit Adult Career Switchers

Experts explain how to recruit adult learners who are interested in graduate business degree programs that will help them switch careers.

Insights from EAB's Survey of Graduate and Adult Learners

EAB experts share key findings from our latest survey of adult, graduate, and professional students.