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Which institutions benefit most from countercyclical enrollment growth?

Facing an economic downturn and fierce competition for undergraduate enrollments, colleges and universities are looking for a silver lining: countercyclical enrollments. This tendency for enrollments to increase as the economy…

“Test-optional” will always be challenging, and it’s not your fault

Explore the challenges and questions colleges, students, and families must consider regarding “test-optional” policies.

Students are opting out of submitting test scores. Here’s what you need to know

To help VPEMs and their teams navigate this newly test-optional landscape, our analysts looked at the extent to which students are taking advantage of test-optional opportunities. We also considered what…

Engage low-income parents in their students’ college search

Explore insights from our parent preferences survey for three key takeaways to help your recruitment marketing engage low-income families.

Reevaluating your prospective student communications in the time of COVID-19

There are elements of your communication strategy that are more important than ever to double down on, and others that must be reconsidered or added. There are simple ways even…

How to create a financial aid policy for your college enrollment goals

Learn how to create the right financial aid policy to support your college or university's specific enrollment goals. Our experts share key dos and don'ts.

6 common shortcomings of pricing and aid webpages—and how to fix them

In the age of price-sensitive online shoppers, college websites are the first resource for most applicants seeking financial aid information. Nevertheless, many financial aid webpages bury cost of attendance and…

What is a market-specific recruitment strategy?

See how Drake University uses different goals and strategies to recruit students in their primary, secondary, and tertiary enrollment markets.

Help faculty embrace transfer-friendly credit articulation

Discover three ways enrollment managers collaborate with faculty to better serve transfer students without a major overhaul of existing credit articulation and registration policies.

Four reasons you should focus on transfer students

Discover how enrollment managers are growing transfer enrollment by educating stakeholders on their unique value.