Peer-to-Peer Support Toolkit

Peer-to-peer support, however, requires less financial investment while also building a strong culture of support and belongingness, especially among historically underrepresented students.

The Institutional Capacity Playbook

Allocating instructional resources appropriately requires negotiating difficult trade-offs through a shared governance process that engages faculty and academic leaders.

Top 10 Academic Affairs Issues

This infographic offers an industry-wide perspective on the academic affairs concerns across institutions, even for topics that will not be a focus in the upcoming EAB research cycle.

Academic Vital Signs Study

Download Study Explore 14 analyses to guide department-level strategy, root-cause diagnostic tools for academic unit leaders, and guidance for implementing regular departmental review processes. From faculty hiring to course scheduling to promotion and tenure, academic departments make or influence myriad decisions that affect the strategic priorities of institutions of higher education. These priorities include cost […]
Expert Insight

Highlights from 2018

Every year, the Academic Affairs Forum’s research cycle culminates in a series of executive roundtables hosted across the country, where groups of 20-30 Chief Academic Officers, their cabinet members, and deans of arts and sciences convene to discuss their biggest strategic challenges.

Barriers to Student Success

Because common student success metrics are lagging indicators of institutional and student performance, academic leaders may not know the root causes of any given demographic disparity in their data. Our infographic outlines 116 leading indicators of demographic disparities in student success metrics like retention, academic performance, graduation, and career outcomes.