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Embedding rigor, agility, and accountability into institutional strategy

July 31, 2023

Key Insights

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As competitive boundaries shift and student preferences evolve, the traditional model of higher ed strategic planning that results in a static, “sits on the shelf” document every five years is no longer sufficient. Instead, sophisticated leadership teams are pursuing (and boards are insisting on) a more active and market-responsive approach that EAB is calling Dynamic Strategy. This new framework for guiding campus decisions requires rigorous scenario planning, principled differentiation from competitors, and the ability to revise priorities and reallocate resources quickly.

EAB has identified eight strategic competencies that every leadership team must develop to overcome the pitfalls of periodic, stakeholder-driven planning cycles. Whether you are currently in the midst of a strategic planning process or simply want to infuse additional market rigor into your cabinet’s workflow, the below research, resources, and services are designed to help your institution move confidently into the future.

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