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The ever-persistent ROI question: What is my degree worth?

This capstone project from the Rising Higher Ed Leaders Fellowship tackles the challenge of communicating the ROI of a degree at Converse University with key stakeholders.
Strategy Blog

Lehigh University’s data strategy: A roadmap to a university’s analytics transformation

This capstone project from the Rising Higher Ed Leaders Fellowship proposes a new data strategy for Lehigh University that will guide the university in identifying which data are most important…
Strategy Blog

What could virtual reality mean for higher ed?

Learn four key lessons and ponder questions raised from the Presidential Experience Lab on what virtual reality might mean for higher ed.
Strategy Blog

50+ Ways to Meet Higher Ed Employees’ Basic Needs

This infographic shares 50+ high-impact tactics to help colleges and universities meet higher ed employee needs around caregiving, housing, food, and transportation.
Strategic Advisory Services for Community Colleges

5 higher ed thought leaders we are following

Thought leaders are known for their innovative ideas and research, their work often serving as a catalyst for change in the higher education system. We asked EAB’s top experts for…
Strategy Blog

How 3 colleges and universities are leveraging peer support to better meet mental health demand next year

While the pandemic has accelerated the urgency to enhance mental health support, it has also presented a unique opportunity to meet student needs through peer support programs. Here are how…
Student Success Blog

Overcoming Historical and Systemic Barriers to Institutional Racism

Becoming an anti-racist institution involves conscious, active, and ongoing effort. In this webinar, participants will learn about the anti-racist behaviors and actions that span across unit and function to transform…
Research Report

Cognitive biases that prevent real change on campus

Without general receptiveness to change, higher ed leaders are fighting an uphill battle to reap true transformation. Discover the most common cognitive biases that derail college leaders’ discussions, and decisions,…
Strategic Advisory Services

Where and when grant-funded interventions can increase student retention

This fellowship blog explores how grant programs can better support student retention and persistence to degree completion.
Strategy Blog

Centralizing noncredit enrollment management

This fellowship blog shares how the University of Wisconsin-Madison developed a business case and a model for centralized noncredit enrollments to benefit departments and noncredit learners.
Strategy Blog